Black Out Ryders - Memphis, TN Chapter

2015 All Black Affair

BOR Customs Premiers 1st Bike Build


2014 Christmas Toy Drive

Special Thanks to West Memphis Neighborhood Center & Marvin Dear Photography.


If you don't have you copy of the Black Out Album, GET IT!!!!

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  Black Out Ryders Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission is to nourish the seeds of knowledge already planted within the hearts of the next generation,

which will grow into a beautiful and thriving tree, shading all cultures of our community, and eventually bear the fruits of a unified people. 

We believe in working, thinking, and planning to provide a stable and growing club and community.

Black Out Ryders Values

At Black Out we view our work as the highest purpose life can hold-doing

everything in our power to ensure an amazing  future for our children’s  grandchildren and beyond.  We therefore hold ourselves accountable

for doing whatever we can to bring about that future.  And we also hold ourselves accountable not only to our constituents,

and to the county we serve, but to the generations who come after us.


Black Out Ryders